Artwork Artists

Augustine Kofie (Artwork)

We feel truly blessed to have worked with Los Angeles based street artist Augustine Kofie whom has established himself within the local graffiti scene since the mid 1990s & has then been manifesting his artistic & structural aesthetic coalescence internationally. Having had no formal Art background past high school, Kofie’s natural inclination to experimentation of drawing was expressed when he was younger by use of the materials & supply available around his home by his mother, whom studied Fine Arts at UCLA. Further developing his skills through the type of experience gained as a veteran graffiti artist, his abilities, perspective, and approach of personal visual expression was further strengthened and veered toward merging simple shapes, linear lines with the structural form of his canvas. The aesthetic of his creations as with the intentions of how he approaches his pieces conveys such an understanding and respect of himself as an artist, his surroundings, and the way he sees his world.  Along with his visual creations, Kofie has also been exploring with music from back in 1995 which brings a deeper connection not only to collaborating with us to provide the cover art of Pragmatic Theory’s first vinyl as well as to being of the same area as the beatmaker Blap Deli. Augustine Kofie Links : Website / Facebook / Vimeo / Soundcloud

Sir Froderick (Artwork)

The idea and style was formed in the depths of the “Dunngeon” that was located somewhere in Boston. The use of the onomatopoeias from comic books represents a visual recreation of “Sir Froderick’s” music as well as a sign of the current sample-culture diaspora, freely incorporating recognizable elements into a improvisational collage format. ”If you look hard enough…” Froderick adds, “you can see/hear the beats.” Sir Froderick Links : Website / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

Chris Lloyd (Artwork/Design)

Chris Lloyd has been with Pragmatic Theory since day one playing a key role in the graphics & web design side of the label. Quietly & tirelessly working behind the scenes, he not only founded the underground music blog Rhythm22, he conceptualized the visual entity of Rhythm22 itself. Commissioned as a project designer to numerous websites for various companies along with launching his very own bandcamp design site Bandvamp of which you can find a link below, Chris Lloyd keeps both the underground music blog & label platforms running smoothly to make possible the movement that is Pragmatic Theory. Chris Lloyd Links : Bandvamp

Gianluca Renga (Artwork)

Best known for his stunning calligraphy & penmanship, Italian artist Gianluca is a skilled graphic designer who kindly provided us with artwork for the compilation ‘Phonaesthetics’. Gianluca Renga Links : Facebook