Compilation Artists

We have been truly blessed to feature on our compilations some incredible artists over the years. Each has given us their time & music for the love & for the listeners. We owe them a great deal of gratitude & will always be indebted to them for their generosity. Free compilation releases is where it all started for us & we will continue to provide our fans & music lovers with some of the undergrounds best known artists as well as emerging talents. Some of the artists that have featured on our compilations are Ta-ku, Dudley Perkins, The Doppelgangaz, Melanin 9, Sene, B.Lewis, Essa, Miles Bonny, Vanilla, Twit One, Lakim, Bugseed, BudaMonk, iLL Sugi, Esta & many more. Below is a complete list of our compilation roster, please click the artists names respectively to go to their page. 0-9 2-D Funk 5th Sequence 7even Sun A A-Beats Abnormal A.C.E Ackryte Adjaman Afryx Q Akira Atani Aleph 1ne Al Patron AL PD Amin Payne AMS – King Of The Nerds Anthm Apathy Artonius Aspie Associated Fresh AudioDoctor B Beat Machine Aron Ben Bada Boom Benjamin Earl Turner Ben Z Benchwarmers Clique Blade Gordon BlakeSmith Blap Deli B.Lewis B.Lowe Blu BoomBaptist Brock Berrigan Broke Brydversion1 BudaMonk Bugseed C Cans Cayoz Chel Strong Chief Chinch33 ChrisAre ChromadaData Clasick Classic The Legend Conflict Constrobuz Cookie Monster Galaxy Cornbread Cor Stidak Cruel Therapy Cypria D D A H L I Dailon Dead Horse Beats Deebio Defcee Disturbance Devine Victory DJ Breeze DJ End. K DJ […]

Bläp Dëli

California beatmaker and Goldie Records founder Bläp Dëli [Emmet Kai] began his venture into electronic music in late 2011. With years as an instrumentalist in various punk/metal bands, transition into making his own music came easy leading to an artist and musician group in 2012 called The Sandbox Collective, a San Francisco and Sonoma County based label. With all of Bläp Dëli’s projects released independently, the collaboration with Pragmatic Theory Records and focus on his current label Goldie Records made born to his his first 12″ LP “Whisper.Me” (June 2014). Currently residing in Healdsburg and Santa Rosa area, Bläp continues  to make music and play in bands. Bläp Dëli Links : Twitter / Tumblr / Soundcloud / TheSandboxCollective / Goldie Records Bläp Dëli – Whispër.Më by Pragmatic Theory

Keor Meteor

Parisian beat maker Keor Meteor began making beats in 2005 having been influenced by Gang Starr, Group Home, Nas, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang, & more from that golden era making listing more names unnecessary . Keor Meteor has been a presence on Pragmatic Theory since its start with the Curtis beat tape and has been a recurring patron to both the comps & with independent releases with VA native emcee Cor Stidak, GA mc Kal-L and last, but not least, the dually talented NY beat maker and emcee jondis. Recent projects : The Highest Order on YNR Productions ‏Generation Gap on Goldie Records Deleted Scenes on Pragmatic Theory 99 cents on HRS Keor Meteor Links : Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / Soundcloud Cor Stidak & Keor Meteor – Widespread Irregularity by Pragmatic Theory Kal-L & Keor Meteor – JFK by Pragmatic Theory Jondis & Keor Meteor – Deleted Scenes by Pragmatic Theory


Originating from Utah, residing in Denver, Colarado, Snubluck is an ever evolving stage of electronic music. Involvement within the Denver music scene for many years along with his study of Jazz performanc, greatly attributed to his trademark sound & style. Not only part of the Pragmatic Theory family since Summer In The City he also holds affiliation with DIRTY//CLEAN, Birdview Crew, Flying Woofer & Bottle Kids Collective. Recently winning a spot to perform in his hometown alongside Prefuse 73 and Nosaj Thing, you can also expect an upcoming Snubluck EP as well as an EP from his band Albny. Snubluck Links : Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / Soundcloud Albny Links : Facebook Snubluck – Dustprints by Pragmatic Theory


Handbook is a music producer from York, United Kingdom. He began making beats on an MPC1000 in his bedroom in 2010 after being inspired by artists such as J Dilla, Flying Lotus and Free The Robots. After a year or so of making beats and gaining a following on Soundcloud he began to work with different artists and brand new independent labels from around the world. These collaborations involved working with artists such as Impossible Nothing, Choongum and Languid and labels such as Grappa Frisbee and Urban Waves. Handbook’s profile increased yet again after the release of albums such as “HaveFaith” and “Celebriteeth” in the first half of 2011 and began to catch the attention of more labels such as 100 Akres and Cascade Records, who released Nomadic and Handprints (both physical releases). He also produced EPs for rappers such as Rob Yung (of The Soulstice) and Supreme Sol, one of the emcees most closely associated with Handbook. Handbook continues to work with some of the greatest underground talent and has a solid following on various social media, not to mention backing from many radio stations and blogs. His style also continues to grow. Having a solid basis on a hard beat and soul samples, you will find breezy synths and fluid bass lines beginning to become a regular feature in his productions. Handbook Links : Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Tumblr Handbook – Dustworks by Pragmatic Theory

Prozak Morris

Prozak Morris (Nick Couvdos) is an American Beat Maker, Music Producer, Songwriter, Vocalist, and Audio Engineer hailing from Los Angeles California. His sound has been defined into a category of its own known simply as “Prozak Morris Music”, which could be articulated somewhat as a cross pollination of Sample Based Boom Bap/Contemporary Hip Hop beats, Progressive Electronica, and Abstract Sound-Scapes, with undertones of Jazz, Funk, Blues, and New Wave Rock And Roll. From an extremely early age Prozak Morris began gaining recognition for his diverse way of studying, and performing music. By age 9 he earned a position as First Chair Percussionist in the Sacramento Youth Symphony, as well as belonging to multiple youth Jazz ensembles, garage bands, and Musical Theatre Companies spanning across many genres performing as a Percussionist, Pianist, and Stage Actor well before the age of 13. It was this immense early exposure, and training under such an array of musical worlds, and contexts of performing arts that helped shape the personality and ethics that Prozak attributes to his sound and style to this day. Prozak began to obsess over the idea of how to create and record Hip Hop music for the greater portion of his childhood strongly harboring a love and enchantment of mystery as to how it was made. In May of 2000 at age 14 Prozak finally acquired his first set of Turntables, and a beat up mixer. By 2001 he saved enough money to buy a Yamaha QY-100 sequencer/sampler and has been […]


Raised in Oxnard, CA, where his inspiration from local artists were formed such as Madlib, Kan Kick, Oh No, and DJ Romes, Weirddough started experimenting with music around 2007 and sampling at the end of 2010. Since then, he has been making hip hop and melodic loops that you can vibe and relax to. Weirddough Links : Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / Soundcloud Weirddough – Conversations by Pragmatic Theory