Raw Theory : California (LTD Edition 12″ Vinyl)

RAW THEORY corresponds with the inevitable, if not pre-destined, phenomena in which two avant-garde beat movements collide with one another. UK based label, Pragmatic Theory, and Northern California’s imprint, RAW DATA, have both alternated releases of iconic compilations since 2012. “RAW THEORY: California” is the first joint venture between the two camps with a focus on Californian beat-makers and their unique and diverse offerings, from the comfortably progressive to the classically trained blaps. This is the first of two volumes.

Pragmatic Theory and RAW DATA (PTXRD) are proud that all the profits from this release will be donated to the local homeless shelter and food bank of Modesto Gospel Mission – https://modestogospelmission.org/

We’d like to thank Ikabod Bum for the hard work he put in to this project & to all the artists who were kind enough to submit their music. Without you all this would never have been possible.

Raw Data / A NorCal Label Links :

Website – http://rawdatalabel.com/
Bandcamp – https://rawdatalabel.bandcamp.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rawdatalabel
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/rawdatalabel

Please Support The Individual Artists Involved :

Bayroo Burner – https://soundcloud.com/bayroo
Blap Deli – https://soundcloud.com/bl-pd-li
Broke – http://www.getatbroke.com/
Cache – https://soundcloud.com/cache-beats
Dibiase – https://soundcloud.com/mr-dibiase
Emune – https://soundcloud.com/emune93
Ikabod Bum – https://soundcloud.com/ikabod-bum
Jaames – https://soundcloud.com/jaames
Kaknuckles – https://soundcloud.com/coco-on-the-beats
Low Key – https://soundcloud.com/reallowkey
Perksun – https://soundcloud.com/crush-congregation
Prozak Morris – https://soundcloud.com/prozak-morris
RITCHRD – https://soundcloud.com/ritchrd
Sir Froderick – https://soundcloud.com/sirfroderick
S0ul Unreal – https://soundcloud.com/s0ulunreal
Sweatson Klank – https://soundcloud.com/sweatsonklank
Vladee Deeboq – https://soundcloud.com/vladeedeeboq