Cor Stidak

Born in the Bronx, New York and raised in Queens when Hip Hop was still burgeoning and living in Virginia for a bunch of years now, MC and beatmaker Stidak is not exactly a household name or looking to be one. A listen or two or ten to some of this guy’s music and it’s not hard to tell that he’s a throwback to a seemingly distant era. There is a presence and delivery in his raps that just doesn’t happen very often these days, when cats actually projected into the microphone more than slick one liners and hashtag raps. There’s some depth and philosophical flashes that might go over the heads of some but also enough witticisms and sneaky metaphors to make those who appreciate lyricism crack a wee grin. Street poetry delving into Taoism and Hermeticism with Dungeons and Dragons, kung fu, Scotch and Manga references sounds like a recipe for losing friends and listeners but Stidak manages to weave through it all with a pure flow and presence.

Since 2011, Stidak has released 6 albums and guest featured on many projects and compilations for friends and net labels. His albums, all of which as of this writing are still available on his Bandcamp, The Foundry Bandcamp, and his label Pragmatic Theory’s Bandcamp include:
**Treatises of a Pendulum Slave – 2011
**Hungry Thief (Stidakstruhmentals Vol. 1) – 2011
**Past the Sun and Moon – 2011
**The Single Malt EP by THE FOUNDRY [Cor Stidak & RenRok] – 2012
**Higher Branches (Stidastruhmentals Vol. 2) – 2012
**Widespread Irregularity by Cor Stidak & Keor Meteor – 2013

He has also done work on compilations and projects for Collective Resonance, Sinoptic International, Indelible Niche, Outlier Recordings, Ugly Boy Music and artists such as Official Documents, Ziplock, Light the MC, Dead Center, Nextwon and Byrdversion, and Impossible Nothing to name a few.

Stidak is currently finishing up an album with RaSun the Sol Bruddah called “CorsAir Radio” which features various producers and guests and an album with a team of nasty lyricists from across the U.S. who are billing themselves as #MASSACR, which will see a Pragmatic Theory release in the coming months. Also the next Stidakstruhmentals Vol. 3 is finished production and will be a limited edition physical release through Indelible Niche. A new THE FOUNDRY album with long time collaborator RenRok is next in queue as well as projects with Keor Meteor, Skratch Zilla and Es-K.

Cor Stidak Links : Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / Soundcloud