Elevated Patterns (Compilation)

With the latest release from the Pragmatic Theory collective in conjunction with www.rhythm22.com , we have taken the nostalgic rnb vibe with producers equipped with talent that supercedes the boundaries of the genre making each track individual to their own.

Featuring tracks from :
Amin Payne, Khryo, Snubluck, Warren Xclnce, Ru, Dailon, Eets, Youtaro’Nusro’, Fwdslxsh, Blap Deli, Ben Bada Boom, Nextwon, Kailo, Klim Beats, JuSoul, Floyd, .Phase, Uncle EL, MOTD, Artonius, Languid, DJ Sapien, Sauce, Wood Ox, Afryx_Q & JBird.