Prozak Morris

Prozak Morris (Nick Couvdos) is an American Beat Maker, Music Producer, Songwriter, Vocalist, and Audio Engineer hailing from Los Angeles California. His sound has been defined into a category of its own known simply as “Prozak Morris Music”, which could be articulated somewhat as a cross pollination of Sample Based Boom Bap/Contemporary Hip Hop beats, Progressive Electronica, and Abstract Sound-Scapes, with undertones of Jazz, Funk, Blues, and New Wave Rock And Roll. From an extremely early age Prozak Morris began gaining recognition for his diverse way of studying, and performing music. By age 9 he earned a position as First Chair Percussionist in the Sacramento Youth Symphony, as well as belonging to multiple youth Jazz ensembles, garage bands, and Musical Theatre Companies spanning across many genres performing as a Percussionist, Pianist, and Stage Actor well before the age of 13. It was this immense early exposure, and training under such an array of musical worlds, and contexts of performing arts that helped shape the personality and ethics that Prozak attributes to his sound and style to this day. Prozak began to obsess over the idea of how to create and record Hip Hop music for the greater portion of his childhood strongly harboring a love and enchantment of mystery as to how it was made. In May of 2000 at age 14 Prozak finally acquired his first set of Turntables, and a beat up mixer. By 2001 he saved enough money to buy a Yamaha QY-100 sequencer/sampler and has been an aspiring Beat Maker every single day since. In 2010 at age 24 Prozak moved himself from Sacramento California, to “the land of entertainment” Hollywood California. There is where he claims his “coming of age” really took place as an artist. While attending The Los Angeles Recording School earning a degree in Recording Science, he worked his way through school performing at Hollywood venues, and selling his beats to fellow students who were aspiring vocalists and admirers of his unique instrumental style that already seemed to span so many applicable genres. Every single day of his college experience was spent developing a vision for an “un-invented” style that would a few years later evolve into the “Prozak Morris Music” that exists today. As of 2014 many have said Proz to be a modern day “renaissance man”, having worked professionally with dozens of vocalists, and song writers both indie and within the major label circuit as a producer, recording/mixing/mastering audio engineer, songwriter, and a recording artist as well for his own solo albums, and compositions. In 2013 Prozak Morris was signed to Interscope Records as a recording artist for a modern day new wave project. By 2014 a little over a year after being signed he walked away from both the band and the major record label due to his distaste for not being permitted creative control over his musical contributions to the project, and for what he saw as a charade of mind control and manipulation he discovered the mainstream music industry to be rampant with. He is now back to his roots of the underground music scene consistently working, creating, and releasing one of a kind works of mind melting melodies, pulsing beats and grooves, psychedelic synthesized sound waves morphing, and sample editing never before heard by human ears. “Lost Earth Boy Attempts Communication To The Aliens With Big Egos” is his first of many exclusive releases with the Pragmatic Theory family. Having been a solid occurrence on many of the independent labels
instrumental compilations, its only natural Prozak Morris return to the underground with this project and with PT!

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