Broke – Classic Pieces

Pragmatic Theory is honoured to have muti-talented mc and beat smith Broke/ release his 33-track EP Classic Pieces with us as well as it being PT’s first cassette release. Immediately chilled out by the unmistakenable vintage derivation from analogue, Broke takes us refreshingly back to the golden era of boom bap 90’s hip hop rawness. While unintentionally adding to the illusivity of this Cali native, please join us in allowing his art speak for itself. Enjoy! Broke/ Links : Website / Facebook / Twitter Pragmatic Theory Links : Website / Bandcamp / Soundcloud Classic Pieces by Broke Visuals For Broke “Bruises”

Venomous2000 – A Moment To Reflect Vol.3 (Vinyl / CD / Digital)

ABOUT THE RELESE :- A Moment to Reflect 3 is a walk through the world of Hip-Hop, where the elements have seemed to be forgotten. Riddled with loads of similes & metaphors, this compilation of international sounds and features provides listeners with a glimpse of the worldwide appeal that Hip Hop has established. The age of lyrics, beats, & cuts is still alive and well. This project was assembled with the intention of showcasing producers & emcees from Serbia, Germany, England, Sweden, Canada, Japan, Norway, Belgium, France, and the United States. Venomous2000’s appeal spans the globe, literally! Venomous approaches every track with the cadence and command of a master Emcee! With emcee features by London’s very own Juga Naut & Scorzayzee; France’s Sanai, New Jersey’s very own Fel Sweetenberg & Mr. Fickle, The Formulis, Twylight; Chicago’s Thaione Davis AMTR3 is a raw, fun, witty straight Boom Bap journey into the world of this New Jersey native. Venomous2000’s flow is undeniable over production by Japan’s Repeat Pattern, France’s Matnez & Phalo, Trinidad’s Boogie Brown, Germany’s MecStreem, Indianapolis’s Chopzilla, & Boston’s DJ Manipulator. Paying homage to Hip Hop legends such as, KRS-ONE, Big Daddy Kane, Wu-Tang Clan and more, the Ultra Emcee is sure to have you wanting to inspect some of his previous and/or future works for certain! We discovered Venomous2000 first with the release of a previous project by #MASSACR, which Venomous is a part of. We decided that a full release project through Pragmatic Theory would be a wonderful […]


#MASSACR (MCs Against Soft Sucker Ass Corny Rappers) is a collaborative collective that came together sometime in the mid-end of 2013. Hip Hop is the driving force of this collective, which hails from all over the globe. Comprised of DJs, Producers, and MCs, they vow to massacre(#MASSACR) the mainstream’s depiction of Hip Hop culture. They have featured on each others projects in the past years, now they bring their 1st offering as 1. #MASSACR, self titled project is an introduction into the abilities of this powerful collective. Raw, real, bars, pain, and joy a few words to describe what they bring as a unit to the music, the culture of Hip Hop. With production from the West Coast, East Coast, Mid West, and South East your head should be in constant bop motion. ENJOY!!! #MASSACR Links : Facebook / Soundcloud #MASSACR by Pragmatic Theory

Kojey Radical – Dear Daisy – Opium

ABOUT THE RELEASE In an age where so much music is manufactured for purpose & the industry seems like a conveyer belt of artists, each a carbon-copy of what has gone before, with generic sounds & styles formed on perceptions of popularity & commercial radio trends, it is incredibly refreshing & inspiring to discover an artist that brings something completely unique & unflinchingly distinct in his approach to his art. An artist in a true sense of the word, Kojey is a poet, spoken word artist, rapper, singer, song writer, philosopher & visual artist. Impossible to pigeonhole his works into a certain style or genre, he is just being Kojey. Dear Daisy is an incredibly eclectic piece of work which can leave you deep in thought in places & euphoric in others. Listening to the album feels like a journey through the mind of Kojey Radical as well as a journey through time with the undertones of Minnie Riperton, The Fugees & even the 19th century philosophy of Karl Marx. Dear Daisy features multiple appearances from the incredibly talented Miraa May, whose deeply soulful vocals works in perfect contrast to Kojey’s cutting dialogue creating a rich & colourful soundscape. With production from the likes of Jay Prince, KZ, Mic Lo The Dreamer & RayDee, as well as features from Zulu & Mirra May this truly is a high quality piece of work on every level. After discovering Kojey’s self released EP earlier this year, we reached out to see if […]

Bläp Dëli – Ballet Happiness EP

This release is completely FREE by just entering ‘0’ as a price. Pragmatic Theory & Bläp Dëli have teamed up once again to bring you the ‘Ballet Happiness EP’. Bläp Dëli is an artist who can seemingly turn his hand to any style or genre & do so with an aptitude that many can only aspire to. Here are a few words from the good man himself about the release : “Ballet happiness is an experimental dance EP composed by Emmett Kai, BläpDëli. In attempt to merge both UK garage and soul/jazz composition, this EP is to take on a unique sound with the influence of Mount Kimbie, Burial, and Pascaal type music. A psychedelic walk through European nightclubs and alleyways. Sexual and yet contemplative.” – Bläp Dëli Bläp Dëli Links : Twitter / Tumblr / Soundcloud / TheSandboxCollective / Goldie Records Bläp Dëli – Ballet Happiness EP by Pragmatic Theory Release Preview Bläp Dëli’s first independent release with Pragmatic Theory entitled “Whisper.Me” is still available digitally & on LTD Edition vinyl. Bläp Dëli – Whispër.Më by Pragmatic Theory

Prozak Morris – Lost Human Boy Attempts Communication To The Aliens With Big Egos

We’re extremely proud to present to you “Prozak Morris – Lost Human Boy Attempts Communication To The Aliens With Big Egos”. The unique talent that is Prozak Morris has been part of the Pragmatic Theory family since day one. After walking out of his Interscope Record deal, Prozak is now ready to unleash the beast on the music World once again without constraint. We’re blessed that Prozak chose to have his comeback on Pragmatic Theory & as is his wish, any profit made from the release will go towards future Pragmatic Theory physical releases. The album can still be downloaded completely free by entering ‘0’. We hope you enjoy the ride…. ABOUT THE RELEASE :- “Lost Human Boy Attempts Communication To The Aliens With Big Egos” is Part2 of “Lost Alien Boy Attempts Communication To The Creatures With Big Feet” from 2012… ( The story begins a few years after Prozak Morris and Chikies The Dog were forced to say goodbye to their Alien visitor PZMsW51986 at the end of Part 1. Prozak received a sonic transmission out of nowhere sent from his distant friend one night while making a beat; the transmission was an SOS cry for help. After PZMsW51986 returning to outer space on his species mother ship he and his father found themselves witnessing the effects of evil queen Recordicon Dealia running rampant throughout the galaxy. Her reign of terror was causing a suffocation of creative atmospheres through tactics of mind control, social status manipulation, and the […]

Light Works (Compilation)

‘Light Works’ is a free compilation brought to you by Pragmatic Theory Records. These releases wouldn’t be possible without the artists involved giving us their time & music, so to them we are forever grateful. If you like what you hear, please support & follow the individual artists that feature on the album. Artists that feature on ‘Light Works’ are : Go Yama, Elaquent, Question, Robot Orchestra, Beat Machine Aron, Bläp Dëli, Linn Mori, Shuffle Jack, Nameless, Prozak Morris, Doc iLLingsworth, Keor Meteor, The Deli, Funky Notes, Amin Payne, Brock Berrigan, Es-K, Glyphick, Cookie Monster Galaxy, Lidly, Ill The Essence, Stikz, MadColour, Ben Bada Boom, Melodiesinfonie, J. Felix, Weirddough, Byrdversion1, Lifted Aquatic & Dr. Dundiff. This release is completely free. We hope you listen, download & enjoy. Light Works by Pragmatic Theory

Bläp Dëli – Whispër.Më (LTD Edition 12″ Vinyl)

About The Release With the beginnings of UK based label Pragmatic Theory inspired by interactions & admiration of the talent found within an underground music community, happening upon Bläp Dëli’s page, we unanimously felt we had stumbled across someone special. Immediately reaching out, talks of releasing both his first LP vinyl & Pragmatic Theory’s, went underway. In capturing the musical essence of the finished album, its cover art was an integral representation of the project as a whole & we had the pleasure and fortune to be able to work with the extremely talented LA artist Augustine Kofie to fulfil that aim. Spanning a wide range of genres & styles that align with the vision of both the artist Bläp Dëli & label Pragmatic Theory alongside the perfect visual landscape Kofie has created, we welcome you to join us in this journey a year in the making of which we hold close to our hearts. Please enjoy Bläp Dëli’s ‘Whispër.Më.’ Bläp Dëli ‘Whispër.Më’ LTD Edition Vinyl is available from our Website, Bandacmp page & as of the second week of June HHV, Jetset Japan & various Worldwide independent record stores. ‘Whispër.Më’ will also be available digitally through i-Tunes, Amazon, Juno, Spotify & various online digital music sites in the coming days & weeks. About The Artist California beatmaker and Goldie Records founder Bläp Dëli [Emmett Kai] began his venture into electronic music in late 2011. With years as an instrumentalist in various punk/metal bands, transition into making his own music […]

Jondis & Keor Meteor – Deleted Scenes

French beatsmith Keor Meteor has been dropping independent artist album releases on Pragmatic Theory & although he has had emcee/beatmaker j0ndis,,, on our mc albums, these two have combined forces to bring us a full album entitled ‘Deleted Scenes’. Most we know about these two are that they are humble people, putting out tracks like they breathe it, & they continue to let the music speak for itself. In light of this album, Jondis emphasized his liking of Keor’s style “especially his tracks in the vein of his Videomatic series, our project is sort of a combination of that and my psych abstract raps using imagination and twisting in subtle correlations to the beats context”. “Truthfully am honored and appreciate anyone who takes the time to listen. Theres a few i’d like to give shout outs my homeboy IV the Polymath, Pragmatic and You bro (Keor Meteor) of course Oh and also my family esp. my pops. More albums coming from me this year , – i.diology will be released shortly digital/cassette, Also Pranam will be coming ( a collar with producer kith’r’mple from spain) fresh for spring/summer,, also some beat tapes coming from me as i just released one last week called dis dat” – Jondis Jondis & Keor Meteor – Deleted Scenes by Pragmatic Theory

Forces Within The Framework (Compilation)

Pragmatic Theory proudly presents ‘Forces Within The Framework’. We’d like to thank each & every artist as well as all listeners, followers & supporters of Pragmatic Theory. Without you albums like this would just not be possible. We started MC albums on Pragmatic Theory as almost a part 2 of our beat tapes, but decided to evolve them to stand as its own compilation on our platform. ‘Forces within the Framework’ kicks off as the first album on Pragmatic Theory for 2014 in which we were blessed to have beat maker/artist Sir Froderick provide our cover art. We continue to be humbled by the mcs, beatmakers involved in our projects. Forces Within The Framework features : Nardo Says, Shuffle Jack, Stik Figa, The Doppelgangaz, Jondis, Keor Meteor, Melanin 9, TASK1ne, Munoz, The Benchwarmers Clique, Jewbei, SLiM PiCKENS, Josef Blo, Essa, Supreme Sol, Robot Orchestra, Notorious Bastards, Artonious, Phlo Deli, Funky Notes, Cor Stidak, Skratch Zilla, Broke, Chel, Es-K, Akira Atani, Mike ElAngelo, RaSun, Blap Deli, The Paramedics, Brock Berrigan, Gigio, DJ Sapien, W.O.L.M, Nextwon, Wood Ox & Keith Price Forces Within The Framework by Pragmatic Theory