Horizons (Compilation)

Pragmatic Theory proudly presents ‘Horizons’. We’d like to thank each & every artist as well as all listeners, followers & supporters of Pragmatic Theory. We are truly humbled & without you albums like this would just not be possible. ‘Horizons’ includes some of the most talented beat makers from around the globe, featuring tracks from : B.Lewis, Opal Block, Dead Horse Beats, Fresh Kils, Chief, Prozak Morris, BoomBaptist, Ta-ku, iLLingsworth, Sir Froderick, Ackryte, Dailon, Blap Deli, Amin Payne, BlackSmith, S.F.T, Weirddough, Twit One, Wun Two, Bugseed, Jewbei, Question, Robot Orchestra, Miles Bonny, Rhythum, Keor Meteor, Psymun, Es-k, Six Fingerz, Snubluck, Abnormal, Ben Bada Boom, Constrobuz, Brock Berrigan, Melodiesinfonie, Handbook, Knowsum, DJ Sapien, ShainCaw & Haan808. Horizons by Pragmatic Theory

Verbal Architecture (Compilation)

After five months since the last Pragmatic Theory mc album, the Pragmatic Theory collective with addition to contributed tracks from acts such as The Doppelgangaz x Apathy, Sene x blu, & UK’s Melanin 9, Verbal Architecture is an international coalescence of hip hop poetry. Featuring : TASK1ne, Melanin 9 x Triple Darkness, Slim Pickens, The Doppelgangaz x Apathy, Jondis, Sene x Blu x Anthm x Britain Parker, Stainless, Chromadadata, Supreme Sol, Chel Strong, Kal-L, Phlo Deli, W.O.L.M, Wood Ox, Defcee, Praverb the Wyse x Don Streat, Cayoz, The Benchwarmers Clique, Reflectionz, Corsairs (Cor Stidak x RaSun), Redi Brown x J-diamante’, The Paramedics, Benjamin Earl Turner, Ibn Hasan x Glyph Verbal Architecture by Pragmatic Theory

Elevated Patterns (Compilation)

With the latest release from the Pragmatic Theory collective in conjunction with , we have taken the nostalgic rnb vibe with producers equipped with talent that supercedes the boundaries of the genre making each track individual to their own. Featuring tracks from : Amin Payne, Khryo, Snubluck, Warren Xclnce, Ru, Dailon, Eets, Youtaro’Nusro’, Fwdslxsh, Blap Deli, Ben Bada Boom, Nextwon, Kailo, Klim Beats, JuSoul, Floyd, .Phase, Uncle EL, MOTD, Artonius, Languid, DJ Sapien, Sauce, Wood Ox, Afryx_Q & JBird. Elevated Patterns by Pragmatic Theory

Kal​-​L & Keor Meteor – JFK

Pragmatic Theory & Rhythm22 proudly present JFK by Kal-L & Keor Meteor. Off the back of Widespread Irregularity Keor teams up with Atlanta artist Kal-L to bring to you another classic underground release on Pragmatic Theory. “The words of man has been the catalyst to ears throughout the world for centuries to communicate, bring knowledge and create change. Daily we speak to one another and overlook the importance and power of thoughts that are transferred to sounds to help one another. In my years of listening i have came to absorb the words from my forefathers of rap,philosophy,and pure intelligence. JFK has effected many people of his time and still till this day the words he have spoken has layed foundations to many of lives,and guided people on a positive path. I have teamed up with the” Great” Keor Meteor and Pragmatic Theory to show my dedication to a man that dedicated his life to helping others, and felt that this duo is example of unity for a great cause. Enjoy”- Kal-L Kal-L & Keor Meteor – JFK by Pragmatic Theory

Snubluck – Dustprints

Pragmatic Theory & Rhythm22 proudly present ‘Dustprints’ by Snubluck. Originating from Utah residing in Denver Colarado Snubluck is an ever evolving stage of electronic music. “Dustprints” is dedicated to the separate moments from the artists past that bought him to where he is today. He’s been part of the Denver music scene for close to 6 years & his study of Jazz performance has paid a large part to his trademark sound & style. Part of the Pragmatic Theory family from day one we’re proud to present to you the extremely talented & unique sounds of Snubluck. Snubluck – Dustprints by Pragmatic Theory

Weirddough – Conversations

Pragmatic Theory & Rhythm22 proudly present “Conversations” by Weirddough. Raised in Oxnard, CA, where his inspiration from local artists were formed such as Madlib, Kan Kick, Oh No, and DJ Romes, Weirddough started experimenting with music around 2007 and sampling at the end of 2010. Since then, he has been making hip hop and melodic loops that you can vibe and relax to. Weirddough – Conversations by Pragmatic Theory

The Soul Sessions (Compilation)

Pragmatic Theory’s “The Soul Sessions” Is a FREE DOWNLOAD available on bandcamp & is brought to you in conjunction with Listen, download & share… enjoy. Featuring tracks from : Al Patron, Ben Bada Boom, Blap Deli, Brock Berrigan, Chief, Constrobuz, Deebio, DJ Sapien, Es-K, Funky Notes, Glyphick, Handbook, J-Felix, Jewbei, Josef Blo, JP Balboa, JuSoul, Keor Meteor, KLIM Beats, MadColour, ManOfTheDown, ManOnWire, Miles Bonny, Nextwon, Pawcut, .Phase, Poldoore, Prozak Morris, Repeat Pattern, Robot Orchestra, Santo, Sixfingerz & Ta-ku. The Soul Sessions by Pragmatic Theory

Handbook – Dustworks

Pragmatic Theory & Rhythm22 proudly present “Handbook – Dustworks” One of the UK’s finest beatmakers has teamed up with Pragmatic Theory to bring you “Dustworks”. Born in Scunthorpe, raised in York, Handbook is one of the most humble & talented producers we’ve ever had the pleasure to associate with having him on Pragmatic Theory’s very own first release in February 2012, “Curtis The Beattape”. Handbook started making beats in April 2010 starting with an MPC1000 then moving towards his current tools of the trade, the NI Maschine alongside Ableton. Inspired by producers such as Madlib, J Dilla, MF DOOM, Onra, Flying Lotus, Apollo Brown and those of a similar like, he has found his own unique style and sound with an ear for dusty soul samples & laid back drum patterns. Handbook’s production rate is second to none, having this year alone already released the 12 track LP “Titanomachy” and a 6 track EP for “The Paramedics”, expect much more from Handbook in 2013 with 3 more releases scheduled & new productions regularly appearing every 3 days or so on his Soundcloud page. Handbook – Dustworks by Pragmatic Theory

Euphonic Elements (Compilation)

Pragmatic Theory’s “Euphonic Elements” Is a FREE DOWNLOAD available on bandcamp & is brought to you in conjunction with Listen, download & share… enjoy. Featuring tracks from : Melodiesinfonie, Chief, Khryo, Ben Bada Boom, Repeat Pattern, Kaligraph E, Josef Blo, ChromadaData, ILLingsworth, Rez, Snubluck, Dj Sapien, Stikz, Sixfingerz, Imagined Herbal Flows, Glyphick, BudaMonk, Broke, Weirddough, Keor Meteor, Adjaman, Aspie, Languid, Artonius, Dead Horse Beats, Floyd Cheung, Ikabod Bum, 7even Sun, Dєεßiό, Vanilla, Sourface, Esta & Rhythum. Euphonic Elements by Pragmatic Theory

New Classic (Compilation)

Pragmatic Theory – “New Classic” Is a FREE DOWNLOAD available on bandcamp brought to you in conjunction with features tracks from: DEAD HORSE BEATS x Vanilla x Miles Bonny x Ta-ku x ManOnWire x LAKIM x Sev Seveer x Chromadadata x Mononome x Warren Xclnce x Snubluck x Shain Caw x Glyphick x Keor Meteor x Languid x J-Felix x S.F.T x Artonius x Weirddough x 5th Sequence x Funky Notes x JP Balboa x DJ Sapien x Es-K x Prozak Morris x Keith Price x Handbook x JA:KOVA x REZ x ill sugi x chrisAre x Afryx Q x Josef Blo x Floyd Cheung x The Soul Pilot x 7even Sun x Grossbuster. New Classic by Pragmatic Theory