Cor Stidak & Keor Meteor – Widespread Irregularity

“It began in early 2011 with a mutual Soundcloud respect and nods to each other’s skill and talent. That nod resulted in a collaboration, their first–the Keor Meteor produced and Cor Stidak penned roller, “Crown Chakra,” which appeared on the latter’s first album “Treatises of a Pendulum Slave.” The two joined forces again on Stidak’s sophomore effort, “Past the Sun and Moon” and again crafted a slick underground classic, “Nothing To Seek.” The plan and intention had been, from that point, to build a complete project of well crafted music that would make their “peers proud but also to put an indelible stamp on this game” with their own original hip hop and unique focus. For those who waited patiently, or were mildly curious or indifferent..wait no more. From VA to Paris to the UK and straight to the soul, Cor Stidak, Keor Meteor and Pragmatic Theory offer “Widepsread Irregularity.” There are cameos by Virginia emcees El RaSun and Cordova on the tunes, “Pearls” and “Elixirs,” respectively. Stidak trades bars with two underground generals, New Jersey emcee Light and Slim Pickens from Boston on the wildout “Triangle Choke.” And with a styled out nod to roaring ’20’s cool, the lovely and uber talented Alexandra Bautista makes you fall in love with her creamy yet edgy soul stylings as she pairs with Stidak and Meteor on the polished, “Vermillion.” Clearly, the guys haven’t forgotten or neglected one of the essential hip hop elements–the DJ, as there is also some fine turntablism […]

Life (Compilation)

When Pragmatic Theory first started out we began accompanying our beat tapes with mc compilations soon after. There definitely was a passion for us to also work with just as massively talented emcees and their story telling. The growth in our audience and support has given an opportunity for Pragmatic Theory to expand on physical releases and although our releases have gained more time before another with our last mc comp being a bit over a year ago, we are working behind the scenes with concepts to share with you all. We have mad love for the community we are involved with. Stay with us, stay tuned , we have more in store to share. Please enjoy Life by artists we have love and appreciation for …. One Love. Life features : Kazi, Oh No, Strange U, Stainless Steele, Prof. Logik, Cornbread, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Supreme Sol, Robot Orchestra, Broke/, Nardo Says, Shuffle Jack, W.O.L.M, Pogflipper, Mr. Burns, Weirddough, Venomous2000, The Soul Plugger, DJ End.K, Iron Helmet, Tini, DJ Keal, GetDownBrothers, Cor Stidak, Quamin, Rez, Es-K, Associated Fresh, Josef Blo, Prozak Morris, 2-D Funk, Cruel Therapy, Dienst, Shulter, Akira, Mike el Angelo, Priest, J1K, Chel Strong, Funky Notes, A.C.E, ToneDeff Cutz, Nextwon, Byrdversion1 & Light. Pragmatic Theory Links : Website / Bandcamp / Soundcloud Rhythm22 Links : Website / Facebook / Twitter Life by Pragmatic Theory Album Preview :

Jasper Sommer – Enter The Woods EP

Jasper Sommer “a reclusive naturist with an idealistic vision to change the landscape of the world we live in today with his music and art. Spawned from the depths of Derbyshire, Sommer has attained a multifarious skill-set that has helped him mould the unorthodox, underlying framework of his music.” His latest material Enter: The Woods EP released in conjunction with Push Crayons and Pragmatic Theory, was crafted with the intentions of inspiring change and thought, unveiling the illusions he believes will then awaken us to the truths of the universe through the experience taken by the musical journey he is offering. Jasper Sommer Links : Soundcloud / Website / Twitter Push Crayons Links : Website / Twitter Enter The Woods EP by Jasper Sommer

Venomous2000 – Will to Power

WILL to POWER” Is Venomous2000’s 9th solo full length album/project. The meaning behind the name of this particular project derives from his personal belief in the Human ability to achieve great things. He felt that this album should focus on integrity, ambition, strength, wisdom, skill, and achievement. Every day we are faced with life challenges and make choices to allow these obstacles to stifle or invigorate our self development. This album is a call to all listening, to step up, wake up, and contribute to this life experience with your very best energy! Venomous wants people to walk away feeling like they’ve added something to their lives, and can then share that ‘thing’ with others. We feel blessed and fortunate to be able to share his artistic views with fans of all walks of life. Venomous2000 “Will To Power” CD’S by clicking here. T-Shirts available by clicking here. Venomous2000 is also in the process of putting together his 2nd Solo European Tour! The tour kicks off in Germany and will include travels to United Kingdom, Czech Republic, France, and Serbia! HELP VENOMOUS2000 GET OUT TO EUROPE! ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. Venomous2000 Links : Website / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / YouTube Will to Power by Venomous2000

EEDLY – Precision City

We’re very proud to present to you two extremely talented beat makers out of Tokyo Japan. Lidly and EeMu joined forcers a year ago and started experimenting with synths, Jazz sampling, SP’s & realtime performance…. the rest is now history, EEDLY was spawned. ‘Precision City’ is not just a studio album, it’s a living, breathing and shapeshifting entity with it’s roots deep seeded in live performance. It’s been an honour working with Lidly & EeMu. We hope that you enjoy listening to Precision City as much as we enjoyed working on the project. Available on LTD Edition Cassette, Pragmatic Theory proudly presents, EEDLY – Precision City. EEDLY – Precision City LTD Edition Cassette Available Here : Lidly Links : Website / Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter EeMu Links : Soundcloud / Bandcamp Pragmatic Theory Links : Website / Bandcamp / Soundcloud Precision City by EEDLY (Lidly x EeMu) ALBUM PREVIEW : EEDLY Live @ Solfa – Nakameguro, Tokyo. (08/08/2015)

Es-K – One Continuous Moment

Pragmatic Theory proudly presents ‘One Continuous Moment’ by Es-K. Es-K is best known for his 24 part series “Spontaneous Grooves” and his LP “Serenity” featuring A.G. of DITC, General Steele, C-Rayz Walz, and more. His latest offering “One Continuous Moment” is a collection of instrumentals made during May and June of 2015, performed live using the SP404. As a resident and acknowledged in the beat scene in Vermont, Es-K is also recognizable from his presence on record label Cold Busted. Productivity, output, and work ethic online and off is bar none from this artist and we are honoured to have his latest work part of the Pragmatic Theory catalogue. Please enjoy! Es-K Links : Website – Bandcamp – Soundcloud – Facebook – Twitter – One Continuous Moment by Es-K

Raw Theory : California (LTD Edition 12″ Vinyl)

RAW THEORY corresponds with the inevitable, if not pre-destined, phenomena in which two avant-garde beat movements collide with one another. UK based label, Pragmatic Theory, and Northern California’s imprint, RAW DATA, have both alternated releases of iconic compilations since 2012. “RAW THEORY: California” is the first joint venture between the two camps with a focus on Californian beat-makers and their unique and diverse offerings, from the comfortably progressive to the classically trained blaps. This is the first of two volumes. Pragmatic Theory and RAW DATA (PTXRD) are proud that all the profits from this release will be donated to the local homeless shelter and food bank of Modesto Gospel Mission – We’d like to thank Ikabod Bum for the hard work he put in to this project & to all the artists who were kind enough to submit their music. Without you all this would never have been possible. Raw Theory : California by Pragmatic Theory Raw Data / A NorCal Label Links : Website – Bandcamp – Facebook – Soundcloud – Please Support The Individual Artists Involved : Bayroo Burner – Blap Deli – Broke – Cache – Dibiase – Emune – Ikabod Bum – Jaames – Kaknuckles – Low Key – Perksun – Prozak Morris – RITCHRD – Sir Froderick – S0ul Unreal – Sweatson Klank – Vladee Deeboq –

DJ Ivan6 – SCRAM EP (LTD Edition CD)

DJ Ivan6 is a turntablist and beat-maker hailing from the streets of London, England. He has rocked a many a show and stage in the UK, Europe and Asia. He has also supported the likes of Ali Shaheed (A Tribe Called Quest), Blak Twang, Cappo, Tableek (Maspyke) Sonnyjim, Mystro, Four Owls, Homeboy Sandman, The Scratch Perverts and many other cemented and up and coming UK and international acts. DJ Ivan6 holds residency at the infamous UK Hip Hop event, Holdin’ Court.

Broke – Classic Pieces

Pragmatic Theory is honoured to have muti-talented mc and beat smith Broke/ release his 33-track EP Classic Pieces with us as well as it being PT’s first cassette release. Immediately chilled out by the unmistakenable vintage derivation from analogue, Broke takes us refreshingly back to the golden era of boom bap 90’s hip hop rawness. While unintentionally adding to the illusivity of this Cali native, please join us in allowing his art speak for itself. Enjoy! Broke/ Links : Website / Facebook / Twitter Pragmatic Theory Links : Website / Bandcamp / Soundcloud Classic Pieces by Broke Visuals For Broke “Bruises”

Synaesthesia (Compilation)

Pragmatic Theory proudly presents ‘Synaesthesia’. Pragmatic Theory’s roots lies in the Soundcloud community and even with all the changes that has occurred within that social media as well as with Pragmatic Theory, we are humbled and blessed that we can continue to come together right here as part of the same movement that we are passionate about. To all that have been with us since the beginning and the new artists coming on, we hope you continue to enjoy the music that unites us.‏ Artists that feature on “SYNAESTHESIA” are : Sayee, Doc iLLingsworth, Infinite Potentials, Chief, Brock Berrigan, Nameless, Melodiesinfonie, S.F.T, Psymun, Kiyani, RunRun Raw, Glyphick, STRAANGE, Question, Keor Meteor, Twit One, Sixfingerz, Prozak Morris, Jaames, Blap Deli, Snubluck, Lidly, Shuffle Jack, Robot Orchestra, Handbook, Weirddough, Wun Two, DJ Breeze, Maw, The Extremities, Es-K, DJ Sapien, Dr Dundiff, Pawcut, Funky Notes & Ben Bada Boom.‏ This release is completely free. We hope you listen, download & enjoy. Pragmatic Theory Links : Website / Bandcamp / Soundcloud Rhythm22 Links : Website / Facebook / Twitter Album Preview (Audio) : SYNAESTHESIA by Pragmatic Theory Official Video For “Sayee – Meteor Impact” : ARTIST LINKS : Sayee – Doc iLLingsworth – Infinite Potentials – Chief – Brock Berrigan – Nameless – Melodiesinfonie – S.F.T – Psymun – Kiyani – RunRun Raw – Glyphick – STRAANGE – Question – Keor Meteor – Twit One – Sixfingerz – Prozak Morris – Jaames – Blap Deli – Snubluck – Lidly – Shuffle Jack – Robot Orchestra – Handbook – Weirddough – Wun Two – DJ […]